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E series internal combustion 5.0T

Summary information
E series 5T forklift products are the newest medium to large forklifts developed by LiuGong .
LiuGong developed it according to market need,designed the newest appearance,applied the new technology.
They have good heavy-duty stability, strong power, low fuel consumption,comfortable operation,strong adaptability to working conditions, and convenient maintenance. They are suitable for industries such as port, stone machining,heavy machinery manufacturing, and rental.
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The sample application

●  Ergonomic cockpit

1)Optimized cockpit ergonomics, operate handle layout, Electronic throttle for more comfortable operation;

2)Small steering wheel reduce operator fatigue;


  Intelligent digital LCD instrument


communication between engine and instrument;


fleet management system;


  LED light system

1)Energy-saving,high brightness, and long service life;


  Long Handrail

1) Long Steel handrails, secure and safe.


  High strength overhead guard

1)Column section reinforcement;

2)Strong enough to withstand impact from falling objects.


Bosch Common rail engine

1) 85-95.6KW strong power power and strong climbing ability;

2) Bosch Common rail, electronically controlled injection, more sufficient combustion;

3) Engine curve is calibrated according to forklift operating conditions, reduce 10% fuel consumption.


Aluminum plate fin radiator

1) Adopting a single-layer parallel structure, with fast heat dissipation wind speed, high efficiency, and convenient remove dust, suitable for high temperature and high dust conditions.


●  Electronic throttle

1) The height of the accelerator and brake pedals is arranged in the same plane, relieve drivers fatigue during operation.


●  Wide visibility and high strength mast

1) 440 high-strength steel mast channel,Capable of withstanding the impact from steel industry and stone machining industry


●  Good stability for heavy-duty operations

Long wheelbase、shorter overhang、more rear center of gravity create excellent stability.


  Solid and stable carriage

1) Reinforcing ribs welded on key points of carriage,it can withstand impact and unbalance load.


  Anti slip metal pedals

1) Anti slip metal pedals is convenient and safer for get on and get off.


● Transmission

1) Industry mature transmission technology.


● Reinforced drum drive axle

1) The brake shoes of the drive axle are wider,higher brake reliability;

2) Optimized brake valve provide soft and low impact braking performance,it Helps with handling  valuable cargo such as glass and machine tools.


● Engine hood opens to a large angle

1) Open angle reaches to 80 °, and the triangular side cover can also be removed

Tool free floor plate,service space is adequate.


● One station maintenance

1) Air filter blockage alarm, tool free maintenance;

2) Centralized layout  of engine oil filter, diesel filter, air filter, and electrical control box,maintenance can be finished in one station.


● Upward open rear cover

1) it is convenient for engines and radiators ;


● Big angle reinforced steering axle

1) Bigger steering angle、stronger steering cylinder、Tapered roller bearing,reliability is high and Low tire wear.


● Double exhaust port design

1) Large heat dissipation area, it  can meet the continuous operation in 45 ℃ environment.


● High level electrical circuit protection

1) Higher level of protection for electrical circuits , it can prevent water and corrosive substances.


Model     CPCD50-EQ3
Drive unit     piesel
Rated lifting weight Rated center distance kg 5000
Rated load center distance   mm 600
Weight unload kg 7950
Overall length (to the front end of the fork) Secondary standard mast mm 3485
Overall width   mm 2000
Top guard height   mm 2425
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