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Wide leg electric pallet stacker 1.5T~2.0T

Summary information
Liugong CLG series electric pallet stacker is small, flexible and easy to operate. It is widely used in factories, supermarkets, logistics, warehouses and food processing centers.
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The sample application
1. With free lifting function, it can be operated in the container
2. Three-level "工" type door frame, safe and beautiful, sturdy and durable
3. Configuring imported electronic control system and pump station, etc., excellent performance
4. With large capacity traction battery, long-lasting power and long working hours
5. Optional imported handlebars
6. Adjustable wide legs for safe and reliable operation
Model     CLG2015H-(W)RS CLG2020H-(W)RS
Drive unit     Electric AC Electric AC
Driving method     Walking/stand driving Walking/stand driving
Rated lifting weight   kg 1500 2000
Weight unload kg 1468/1518/1568 1536/1586/1636
Overall length   mm 1891/1936 1891/1936
Overall width   mm 1197~1520 1197~1520
Fork width     210~950 210~950
Lift height   mm 4500/5000/5500 4500/5000/5500
Overall height   mm 2175/2375/2508 2175/2375/2508


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