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C series internal combustion 2.0T~2.5T

Summary information
The third generation of products of Liugong C series diesel counterweight forklift is a specially designed that for high-level market in China and abroad. new custom forklift, is with liugong British
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The sample application
1) excellent three-point suspension drive system reduces vibration by 50% and brings more comfortable experience;
2) the design of small-diameter steering wheel, driving braking with reduced steering force by 15% and parking braking with reduced steering force by 40% greatly reduces the fatigue of drivers;
3) the design of the door frame with ultra-wide vision, the weight of large Angle cutting and the armrest after reversing greatly improve the vision and safety of the driver;
4) humanized operation layout, increased internal space by 20%, and equipped with wide-body cushioning seats, even large drivers can operate with ease;
5) the steering wheel adjustment mechanism designed by the low board and the automatic resetting makes it easy for the driver to reach the position one step at a time;
6) 85 ° Angle of hood, free tools to remove the air filter, engine room floor, water tank cover and central electric control box and intimate design is more convenient for daily maintenance;
7)LPG model: the rotating and rocking downward folding bracket can easily replace the LPG tank at a low point, saving heart and energy.
High efficient
1) liugong C series adopts the world renowned Cummins, Yangma and Mitsubishi motors, and is equipped with the latest transmission of liugong with high efficiency and reliability.
2) major components analyzed by CAE are more qualified for heavy load conditions;
3) professional optimized hydraulic system improves the operating efficiency by 10%;
4) multistage ventilation system (engine, transmission, hydraulic system) can adapt to as high as 45 ℃ environment;
5) long life, high brightness and energy-saving LED lights are adopted for the whole vehicle;
1) liugong C series has all the hallmarks of modern forklift need: the configuration of the ECU efi engine, CAN bus circuit control and intelligent instrument, such as LCD is available in the economy, standard and efficient three engine model, and CAN set the start up password, speed limit, OPS perception operation and obtain the fault code, etc., to the customer more easy and safe and comfortable operation.
2) liugong team management system can make the equipment more efficient and energy-saving.
Sales and service of Liugong  network covers more than 130 countries in China and overseas. The quality assurance of the industry leading for 2 years or 3000h makes you feel secure. 
Model     CLG2020H CLG2020G CLG2025H CLG2025G
Drive unit     Diesel Gas\LPG Diesel Gas\LPG
Rated lifting weight Rated center distance kg 2000 2000 2500 2500
Rated load center distance   mm 500 500 500 500
Weight unload kg 3650 3650 3850 3850
Overall length (to the front end of the fork) Secondary standard mast mm 2529 2529 2534 2534
Overall width   mm 1150 1150 1150 1150
Top guard height   mm 2180 2180 2180 2180


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