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CLG series four-point single-drive 1.0T

Summary information
CLG series four fulcrum single driver 1.0 T is liugong new mini electric balance heavy truck, light is very smart, safe and efficient, designed for small warehouse, small goods elevator, low occasions
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The sample application
Adopt international famous brand controller and all - ac motor, high reliability
Waterproof connector is used in electric circuit, and the whole vehicle can be used in wet working condition
Standard with super soft core tires
Double lift cylinder design, good stability of door frame, wide vision
Adopt static hydraulic oil pump, the noise of the whole car is small
Hydraulic power steering, less steering control
The lifting speed of full load reaches 350MM/S, with high operating efficiency.
Using the front drive drive system, the tyre has a strong grip on the ground, and the operating efficiency is obviously higher than that of the three-pivot rear drive.
The 48V system is adopted, and the vehicle's energy efficiency and endurance are higher than those of the 24V rear drive three models.
It has the narrowest body of 930MM, and can easily enter and exit the narrow warehouse door with a width of 1000MM.
Minimum turning radius 1550MM.
Access to the cargo ladder, upstairs and downstairs cargo handling more convenient.
It can be equipped with low protective roof frame, easy access to the low door of 1800MM.
Model     CLG2010A-S
Drive unit     Electric AC
Rated lifting weight Rated center distance kg 1000
Rated load center distance   mm 500
Weight unload kg 2300
Overall length (to the front end of the fork) Secondary standard mast mm 1750
Overall width   mm 930
Top guard height   mm 1782/1900


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