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CLG series four-point single-drive single 3.0T~3.5T

Summary information
CLG series four fulcrum single driver 3.0-3.5 T is liugong new mini electric balance heavy truck, light is very smart, safe and efficient, designed for small warehouse, small goods elevator
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The sample application
 ● The on-site induction system for operators (OPS) - to prevent failures in the operation of a forklift with no one in it or in an unstable sitting position,
    Operator field sensing system is installed. When the operator is not in the seat or sitting in an unstable position, the device can stop the lifting/tilting/driving function of the vehicle.
 ● Select reliable parts -CURTIS electrical control and meter, bridge box arranged with "h", low noise hydraulic gear pump, and load sensitive steering gear; Electrical components fully sealed waterproof connector plug, pure copper connector.
 ● Control layout based on man-machine engineering
 ● The full suspension shock absorber plus the full suspension shock absorber seat
 ● The high-efficiency modular handle makes it easy to move forward, backward, up and down, and press the horn
 ● Terminal multidegree-of-freedom directional control machine
 ● The center rearview mirror with wide Angle
【high efficiency】
 ● Hydraulic system optimization and energy saving technology -- by optimizing the relationship between pump motor speed and multi-way valve opening size,
    The optimal control parameters are calibrated to maximize the efficiency of the working hydraulic system
 ● Door frame height indicator technology -- when the door frame reaches the predetermined height, it can display or make alarm sound or stop automatically in the instrument,
    The technology makes some users' work easier and improves their efficiency
 ● Intelligent display instrument - can monitor the electrical system working condition, get fault code, guide maintenance
 ● Full hydraulic power steering system - the full hydraulic power steering device provides a small steering wheel with comfortable steering and easy steering
【Low operating cost】
 ● The 90-degree upturn type fully opens the battery box cover, making the battery maintenance more convenient. The upturn rear cover can facilitate the maintenance of the controller and electrical connector.
   Right side of the front can be turned over the multi-way valve control box, easy to replace the battery, the pedal can be folded and flipped, easy to maintain.
 ● It reduces the junction point between electrical appliances and greatly improves the unnecessary failure rate
Model     CLG2030A-S CLG2035A-S
Drive unit     Electric AC Electric AC
Base capacity Rated center distance kg 3000 3500 800
Rated load center distance   mm 500 500 500
Weight unload kg 4800 5200 6250
Max. Fork Height   mm 3000 3000 8500
Overall length (to the front end of the fork) Secondary standard mast mm 2565 2640 2640
Overall width   mm 1264 1264 1750
Top guard height   mm 2230 2230 2230


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