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Seat type electric forward forklift 1.5T~2.0T

Summary information
Liugong CLG series electric forward forklifts are small, flexible and easy to operate. They are widely used in factories, supermarkets, logistics, warehouses and food processing centers.
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The sample application
● Reference to the latest international reliable technology, with good handling characteristics
● The motor and electronic control adopt the American Curtis AC system, which further improves the stability of the motor and improves the working efficiency of the whole vehicle.
● Electronic steering for improved accuracy and lighter use
● The battery adopts a side-access device to improve work efficiency
● The vehicle has an automatic proportional deceleration function when turning, which makes the operation safer and more stable.
● The electrical system adopts the automatic detection function, saving time during maintenance and repair.
Product Specifications:
Specification 1 Model   CLG2015R-M CLG2018R-MS CLG2020R-MS
2 Drive unit   Battery
3 Driving method   Driver type
4 Rated lifting weight Q (kg) 1500 1800 2000
5 Rated load center distance C (mm) 500
6 Lift height H3 (mm) 3000
7 Free rise H2(mm) 380
8 Fork specification mm 1070×120×40
9 Gantry inclination Deg 3°/5°
Size 10 Overall length L1 (mm) 2565 2635
11 Rear length of the body L2 (mm) 1460 1530
12 Overall width B1 (mm) 1270
13 Height when the gantry is not lifted H1 (mm) 2201
14 Maximum height of the gantry during operation (including the shelf) H4 (mm) 4040
15 Top guard height H5 (mm) 2220
16 Minimum turning radius Wa (mm) 1820
17 Ground clearance H6 (mm) 78
18 Forward distance X (mm) 560 488
Performance 19 Driving speed (full load) km/h 9.5 9.2 8.5
20 Driving speed (unload) km/h 10 9
21 Lifting speed (full load) mm/s 230 220 210
22 Maximum grade (full load) % 12 10
23 Self weight (including battery) kg 2900 3100
Drive 24 motor kw 6
25 Lift motor kw 11
26 Battery V/Ah 48/420 48/560
27 steering system   Electronic steering
28 Service brake   Electromagnetic brake
29 Controller type    Electric AC


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