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Liugong A series of internal combustion balance weight type of economical forklifts, forklift is the latest version of the operation is simple and easy to use, with A vision, reliable...
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●Ended simple and easy to use
The design of the whole machine is simple and bright, and the contour lines are simple and durable
Open operation desk, spacious and comfortable
The classic joystick horizontal layout makes everything within reach
Full series wide field door frame upgraded, width increased by 15%
A palisade roof guard provides a wide view from the top
The convenience of operation also improves the security of operation
●Reliable and durable
The most reliable engine, bridge box and cylinder pump valve are selected
Adopt a series of waterproof, dustproof and centralized control design
The whole machine is tested with high strength to ensure the maximum service life of the whole machine
●Maintenance is convenient
Hood is almost open Angle 90 °, even big fella can move freely
Free of tool removal air filters and water tank cover for your comfort
Model   CLG2025MJ CLG2030MJ
Drive   Manual Manual
Load capacity kg 2500 3000
Load centre mm 600 600
Drive motor rating kw - -
Lift motor rating kw - -
Distance between fork-arms mm 540 685
Lift height mm 115 115
Steering type   Mechanical Mechanical
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