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Liugong Big Forklifts Be Shipped to Port in Batches

Liugong Big Forklifts Be Shipped to Port in Batches

2020/04/03 09:58
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On March 30, spring rain drained the haze, Liugong forklift held a simple yet grand launch ceremony, and a large number of large-scale dock-specific forklift trucks were sent to a customer in Guangdon

On March 30, spring rain drained the haze, Liugong forklift held a simple yet grand launch ceremony, and a large number of large-scale dock-specific forklift trucks were sent to a customer in Guangdong. The 9-ton compact dockyard forklift is a new product with high efficiency, comfort, high load capacity, safety and reliability. It is used in low spaces such as cabins, culverts and basements, and can move freely.


In recent years, China's shipyard business has enjoyed a good momentum of development. The utilization rate of major shipyard enterprises exceeds 95%, and the shipyard market is in a difficult situation. Shipyard companies' demand for forklifts is growing rapidly, and they also have special requirements for forklifts, that is, while ensuring safety and efficiency, they have strict customization requirements for the overall dimensions, external protection, and mobility of the machine.


Liugong Forklift has been committed to providing global customers with a comprehensive solution for material handling. In response to this particular market demand, Liugong Forklift immediately developed a 9-ton custom dockyard forklift-equipped with a dedicated low chassis and a single-stage wide-view mast And movable roof guards to meet the 1.75-meter height limit operation requirements. Compact body design, more flexible operation; and customized side-shifting fork attachments according to material specifications, to meet the needs of users to adjust the movement of the goods and to adapt to the needs of different fork distances.


This high-volume order has high product performance requirements and a short delivery cycle. Through the concerted efforts of the R & D, procurement, production, and marketing departments, the product was delivered to the customer on time, reflecting the teamwork and innovation spirit of Liugong Forklift. It also explained that The Liugong forklift has superior performance and can meet the needs of high-end customers.


With professional solutions, the Liugong forklift team can improve the material handling efficiency and economic benefits for the port industry chain. In addition to the 9-ton customized dockyard forklift, it also provides the following equipment and solutions:
Provide 3-12 tons of internal combustion counterbalanced forklift trucks for routine operations and case loading operations;
Provide 16 tons of internal combustion counterbalanced forklift for heavy metal, large diameter metal parts loading and unloading and handling;
Provide 45 tons of container reach cranes for stacking, handling and loading and unloading of containers in ports and yards.
The machine applies special anti-corrosion treatment to paint, chassis, hydraulic system and exposed parts, and presets a firm lifting point for the machine;
Can be equipped with fleet management system, remote real-time monitoring to further improve management efficiency.
"Customer-oriented, quality creates the future; people-oriented, cooperation creates value" is the core value of Liugong. High quality is our unremitting pursuit. The team of Liugong Forklift is brave enough to innovate and dare to undertake, and is resolutely committed to providing comprehensive solutions for material handling for global customers!