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What’s it about? Putting LiuGong to the test at CONEXPO

What’s it about? Putting LiuGong to the test at CONEXPO

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2020/04/02 15:28
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Las Vegas, USA - March 10, 2020 - LiuGong will show 15 machines at the 2020 CONEXPO-CON/AGG show featuring state-of-the-art technologies that make them well-suited to the demanding North American mark

Las Vegas, USA - March 10, 2020 - LiuGong will show 15 machines at the 2020 CONEXPO-CON/AGG show featuring state-of-the-art technologies that make them well-suited to the demanding North American market.


LiuGong’s display at the show is expected to reflect themes arising from a “What’s it about” dialogue between LiuGong North America and its family of dealers. To be successful in the highly competitive North America environment, LiuGong is taking steps above and beyond its competitors.


Our goal is equipment solutions that offer North American customers the most competitive total cost of ownership throughout its full line of equipment. The initiative includes organizational enhancements that ensure continuing delivery on its commitment.


They know it’s about uptimes and bottom lines, sturdy machines and firm handshakes, options and features that all come standard, toughness on the outside, but operator comfort within, saving without sacrificing and about putting LiuGong to the test to deliver.


Mani Iyer, president of LiuGong North America, said: “Our wheel loaders, excavators, dozers and forklifts are tested and proven around the world. Now we have an organization and support mechanisms in place in North America that bring the full benefits of our global organization to our dealers and customers.”


LiuGong’s ability to offer its customers such competitive equipment is also due in large part to the strategic and joint venture partnerships it maintains with global leaders like Cummins, ZF, Rexroth and Kawasaki. It not only means LiuGong machines feature the latest advances in components and technology but also one of the market’s most competitive warranty programs.


Completing LiuGong’s line-up at the show is a 950E excavator, a 388B skid steer loader, a LSC0607DE slab scissor and three forklifts: 2025G, 2025G-C and 2030H.


Kevin Thieneman, LiuGong Vice President and Chairman of LiuGong North and Latin America, said, “We want to be the choice for customers who desire construction and material handling equipment that is affordable, reliable and can get the job done with the lowest total cost of ownership.”


By not only putting LiuGong’s machines to the test in the field but by putting our organization to the test, LiuGong North America will prove to its dealers and customers, our commitment to this market and to them.
LiuGong will be exhibiting at CONEXPO from 10-14 March in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds, Booth #F6781.