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LiuGong Strives for Greater Values by listening to VOC in ProMat 2019!

LiuGong Strives for Greater Values by listening to VOC in ProMat 2019!

2019/05/07 23:19
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The biennial Chicago international logistics exhibition is the largest and most professional logistics exhibition in the logistics manufacturing and supply chain industry in North America. LiuGong Forklift showed many kinds of forklifts in this exhibition, such as 2.5t IC and LPG forklift, three-wheel battery forklift and North American version 2.5t cushion tire forklift, which meet the emission requirements of the US EPA.
The slogan of this show is "FIND YOURS WOW", it literally shows the organizer of the exhibition hopes all the participants of the exhibition can find what they are really interested in. This also related to LiuGong's customer orientation: quality makes the future! People-oriented, creating cooperating value through cooperation. LiuGong forklift's willingness to participate in this exhibition is customer-oriented, building a communication platform between LiuGong forklift and customers through face-to-face communication.
All the products carried by LiuGong forklift this time are developed and designed in strict accordance with the European and American market standards and customers’ requirements, which are unique in ergonomics, operational adaptability and maintenance convenience. The product has high stability and effectively realizes the perfect combination of high performance and low emission. LiuGong forklift carefully listen to the voice of customers, timely launch products to meet market demands. Many new products, such as high-performance 1.5T lithium battery foklift, 2-2.5T semi-cross-country forklift, 10-12T container-size IC forklift and so on, have won customers' trust and recognition. In the first quarter of 2019, Liugong forklift set a record high of sales.
Since LiuGong forklift entered into the US market in 2008, LiuGong has been continuously enhancing its brand value. It has fully demonstrated the strength of LiuGong on the world-class stage such as Chicago international logistics exhibition, and demonstrated to the audience how these environmental protection forklift products meet the diversified needs of customers for material handling, helping customers create more values.
During this exhibition, comes as China forklift ( special planning in order to emphasize the quality as the core of market research, industry promotion, the first period of "2019 China forklift quality journey". Mr. Zhang Minsheng from China forklift visited Mr. XiaoYuanXiang, LiuGong forklift Executive Deputy Manager. LiuGong forklift will strictly control product quality and continuously carry forward this spirit, set a good example for Chinese brand to participate in international competition.
ProMat 2019 hosted by MHI, is a showcase for 950 exhibitors in a 400, 000-square-foot pavilion. "FIND YOURS WOW". LiuGong also found what it needed in ProMat, which exceeded the expected effect and created greater value for customers.